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About Cesar

My name is Cesar Gomez.

I am here to provide my services as a handyman. I have been in the industry for over 15 years.

I started as a regular maintenance technician in an apartment complex and gained recognition over time with the residents of the property requesting my name as the only one over the other technicians to get the repairs done, which made me confident in my quality. After 5 years, I got a new opportunity in the hotel industry at the 5 stars Mandarin Oriental & Waldorf Astoria as a facility engineer, which helped me discover new projects and learn additional technical repairs within the restaurants appliances including repair electrical, pool cleaning, plumbing, guest rooms call, and BOH of the hotel.

Due to COVID-19, approximately 75% of our department was dismissed. I was one of them. For the first few months of the pandemic, I dedicated my time to fixing my house, taking pictures, and posting as a hobby, but my acquaintances and their connections started to request my work through social media. I felt it was an ideal opportunity to start my new business, Ideal Handyman LLC.

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